Sanitation Project

Focus Area: Health

Region / State: Tamil Nadu

Duration: 2 years

Proper sanitation is one of the principal factors in controlling diseases. According to a UNICEF study 50% of Muslim households do not have access to individual toilets. Many of the Muslim populated areas have open drainage system causing the spread of malaria, diarrhoea, cholera and other diseases.



Scope of the Project

A major health threat to the people living in poor conditions in the rural areas in India is inadequacy of proper sanitation. Open defecation is rampant across the country. Apart from dirtying the surroundings, it contaminates the drinking water and causes diseases.

Goal and Objectives

The Goal is to provide toilets to poor households and primary schools without toilets. Educate and encourage the villagers who are habituated to open defecation to use proper toilets. Conduct awareness programs to teach the people about the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene.


Five selected villages in the state of Tamil Nadu.


The project implementation is planned to be started by the end of this year (2016). Identification of beneficiaries and formation of village level volunteer committees will be the first step. Collaborating with government department is another important step.