Poverty Eradication Drive (Women’s Self Help Group Cluster)

Focus Area: Economy

Region / State: Uttar Pradesh

Duration: 3 years

up1 Economic deprivation of any community should be tackled by addressing the underlying real issues. Muslim community in India being on the sidelines of mainstream development process ended up mostly in self employment as a solution. Another important feature of the issue is low participation by women in the income generation process. As large numbers of Muslims are living on the rural side, addressing the employment issues of rural Muslim women will be very important in coming out of the existing distressful situation.

Organising women for economic development is very important in poverty eradication as the money earned by them directly reaches the family unlike the income of men which could get diverted.

Grassroots level organising of people using the Self Help Group model has proven to be a big success in different demographic environments. The concept works out in a few simple steps. Organising the people into smaller groups of 10 to 25 individuals is the first step. It is important at this stage to convince them that without self initiative, no change will happen in their lives. Promoting saving habits and team work follows. Skill development programmes and facilitation of micro finance support through approved agencies should also figure in the plan. Ensuring timely repayment and reusing the available fund for further production activities need to be promoted.

up2One major advantage of organising people through SHG clusters is, once running, this network can be effectively utilised for imparting awareness on health and education.

Scope of the Project

The project proposes to organise rural Muslim women in selected areas through a cluster of Self Help Groups to ensure income generation through women which will enhance the low Worker Population Ratio (WPR) and help reduce the intensity of poverty.

Goal and Objectives

50 Self Help Groups (SHG) with 20 members each shall be formed to organise 1,000 women on the rural side. Organising, training, mentoring and guidance shall form the functional stages of the process. The end state view of Phase 1 shall ensure end of extreme poverty and should become the launch pad for further economic growth and empowerment.


Rural side of western Uttar Pradesh is identified as the target area for this project. Once effective, it can be replicated to other areas as well.

up3Duration and Schedule

The implementation will be in a phased manner with 10 SHGs in the beginning. Formation of 50 SHGs will be completed within a period of one year. The progress of the program will be as below:

  • Formation of SHGs
  • Setting the right attitude in members
  • Promote thrift and saving
  • Training and facilitation
  • Micro support
  • Enhancement and empowerment

HR Requirement

The program will have a full time coordinator and 2 field staff. Services of trainers will be availed for the program as required.