Reforming Indian Muslim Community at Kolkata – Aug 2014

Kolkata was the hosting city of the Fifth National Seminar of the series on 17th August 2014. All India Imams Council and Popular Front of India jointly organized the seminar with the theme “Reforming Indian Muslim Community: Road map 2047”



About 75 delegates were present and 10 papers were presented. Ilyas Muhammed Thumbe presented the Theme Paper.

Papers presented in the Seminar were

S.No. Topic Presented by
1 Modern Muslim Institution & Organization Imparting Modern Education Dr. Nazrul Islam
2 Social Reformation of the Muslim Society Moulana Usman Baig Rashadi
3 Conceptual Change of Education Afsar Ali
4 Reforming the Community to Take up the Task of Empowerment S.K. Biswas
5 State of Muslim Community & Culture at the Conceptual Level Bajale Rahman
6 Divisions within the Community Ahmed Baig Nadvi
7 Identity Crises, Social and Cultural Challenges from Fanatics and Communal Forces Santhosh Rana
8 Modern Mohalla System Arshad Nadvi
9 Creating Sense of Dignity Among Muslim Community Adv. Mohammed Rafeeq


Muhamed Shahabuddin gave concluding remarks at the end of deliberations.   The seminar was chaired by Ilyas Muhammed Thumbe.