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As the community is deficient of competent Resource Persons/Trainers capable of articulating both in English and regional languages, the creation of a pool of expert trainers becomes an important intervention to be undertaken under the Human Resources Development (HRD) Focus Area in the beginning. It is this realisation that led the Executive Committee (EXCOM) to choose Master Trainers Development as a priority item.

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Master Trainers Development Programme

Scope of the Program

Any discussion on Muslim empowerment leads us to the need for awareness building as the first step. This is true in education, economic development, health, women empowerment or any other segment. The basic steps would be to organise the people and deliver the content. Muslims in India might be able to organise people to some extent, but they fail to disseminate the right message as the availability of trained counsellors and trainers is scanty. This initiative proposes to fill that vacuum.

Goals and Objectives

The plan is to have sufficient number of trainers in all Muslim concentrated districts within a span of 5 years. The first step to that will be to develop Master Trainers in all major linguistic groups in the first 2 years. Identifying a team of 25 qualified, competent and effective Master Trainers out of 90 trainees who will be capable of imparting training in English and regional languages. In the first phase, focus shall be given to ensure the presence of Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil native speakers in these batches. In the subsequent phases, we look forward to reach out to the other linguistic groups too.


Bangalore and Delhi are the proposed locations for this program. Being the IT hub of the country, Bangalore is abundant with highly educated software professionals, and hence identified as the primary location. Delhi with a large number of scholars pursuing higher education is chosen to be the other location.